Working From Home – Creating The Perfect Office Space With A Log Cabin


Working from home

Working From Home – Creating The Perfect Office Space With A Log Cabin

Working from home is an excellent way to rebalance your home and work life. Not only can you save money and time by skipping the morning commute and make your working day more productive, you can create the perfect working space to facilitate creativity.

A workplace needs to be just right; it should provide the perfect level of privacy and be somewhere which is always available to the home worker. Working in a study or spare room causes no end of distractions from the TV, radio and even family members. A log cabin can be that perfect garden office shed where there are low levels of distraction and no compromise on light and warmth.

Providing peace and solitude

Log cabins provide plenty of space in a secluded area of your home which is less likely to have distractions getting in the way of work. Log cabins can also be a great place to pursue a hobby, such as art or writing and successfully detach from home life. Not just somewhere to store work equipment away from the house, a log cabin is a positive contribution to the spruce up of your garden.

Creating a warm, inviting space for colleagues and clients

Even if you plan to work alone or as a small team most of the time, the log cabin office space still has to be a bright and welcoming environment. A log cabin can accommodate chairs and facilities for clients and colleagues whilst offering a lovely view across the garden from your desk. If you opt for a smaller log cabin, there are plenty of desks available which offer drawers and shelving to maximise storage whilst still leaving room for your computer, paperwork and phone.

Powering up

Electricity is a huge part of the life of someone who works from home and, as it turns out, running power to a log cabin is simpler than you might think. An electrician can run cables from the house’s main power supply to your garden shed or lay network cables alongside electronic cables for a powerful internet connection. In fact, some home workers choose to use solar and wind energy to power their home offices which is an easy and environmentally-friendly alternative to mains electricity.

Year-round comfort

In order to work effectively in your log cabin, it has to be useable all year round. Working from home doesn’t have to be a summer trend; instead, you may choose to invest in a climate control unit. Once installed, the temperature can be controlled using a thermostat. Log cabins can also be insulated using insulation boards, which keep the room warm all year round with no maintenance needed.

If you plan to create your own haven in your garden where you can work to your heart’s content only a stone’s throw from home, take a look at the range of log cabins available from Solid Sheds. All prices include the delivery and erection of your log cabin (collect and self-erect alternatives available) which has been manufactured to the very highest standard. Each building is supplied with a tongue and groove floor, lockable doors and windows with real glass and a 5 litre tin of Protek Wood PreserverGet in touch today to find out more.

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