The benefits of working from home in a garden room

The benefits of working from home in a garden room

The benefits of working from home in a garden room

At a time when working from home is more pertinent than ever, perhaps it’s got you thinking about the practicalities of creating a more permanent set up. A garden room can be a great investment, creating a separate space to focus and concentrate, but that can also be enjoyed when you’re not hard at it. Sound good? Here are a few perks to owning a garden room:

Fits your needs

Here at Solid Sheds, we have a range of garden offices on offer so you can find the perfect look and size to suit you and your garden.

Ideally, you want a garden office big enough for you to comfortably fit all your working apparatus in –with a bit of room to spare. You want to be able to walk around without feeling cramped and uncomfortable.

If your garden follows a specific colour scheme – and you don’t want your office to spoil the look – you’ll be pleased to hear we have a huge range of garden office shed colours to choose from. Our bespoke sheds are available in many sizes so you are able to find your ideal working space with ease.

Be inspired

Once you have your perfect garden room in situ, it’s time to think about what you can include inside to make it a comfortable and practical space that is conducive to work.

You could start by adding life to your office by including plants on a windowsill or hanging artwork on a wall – something to get your creative juices flowing.

You could also include personal touches – pictures of family or things that mean a lot to you. This can make your office feel more welcoming and provide motivation.

No commute!

When your office is all set, you will quickly be able to see the benefits it can bring – not just to productivity, but to general daily life too.

Ever had a 9-5 job where you had to leave the house in the early hours and return late in the evening thanks to a heavy commute? Adding hours on to your day, just to get to and from work, has a huge impact on your quality of life and can be a real grind. Not so with a garden shed office. A quick step across the garden and you’ll be sat in behind your desk and ready to work. Leaving you with more time in your day to take up a hobby, exercise or spend time with the kids.

Contact us

If you like the idea of being set up to easily work from home whenever the need – or whim – arises,  then get in touch to find out more about our garden office sheds. Simply give us a call on 01695 51442 and be sure to check out our sheds on finance option to see how you can purchase one of our models today.

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