9 Reasons You Should Have A Garden Office Shed


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9 Reasons You Should Have A Garden Office Shed

Incorporating a garden office into a back garden is increasingly becoming a popular alternative to more traditional workplaces for entry-level workers in varying career disciplines. A city-based worker may be sceptical to the idea of working form a garden office shed, as they have become accustomed to the daily commute to skyscraper filled locations.

In the modern world, it is no longer necessary to work from disciplined locations to be successful, this article outlines a few reasons why a small garden office shed may benefit you.

1. Travel Time and Cost

Whether you commute via car, train or other forms of public transport, there are endless negatives to enduring the commute to work. With the uprising in outdoor office sheds, the journey to work couldn’t be easier. Simply walk into your back garden and enter your new garden office shed, saving a lifetime of transportation expenses while you’re at it.

2. Start-ups and Freelances

When taking all the added costs into account, rental space can become an overwhelming expense for start-up companies or small businesses. When the rental costs could be added to your bottom line, it is certainly worth considering other workspace options. Companies with only one employee, or very few, can benefit from the growth of their business not incurring monthly charges. For this reason, garden office buildings are a viable choice for varying small businesses and sole traders.

3. Peace and Quiet

From office chatter to the continual rattle of keyboard typing, offices can often be a difficult environment to get your head down and get work done. A garden office shed allows you to work in peace without constant distractions from co-workers and passers-by. An outdoor office shed lets you work in a stress-free environment in the comfort of your own home.

4. 9-5 is no more

One of the primary benefits that incorporating a garden office shed gives you is the flexible working hours you are presented with. With the needed time management skills and correct attitude, you will find working from a contemporary garden office shed gives you the flexibility to get the job done and carry out personal affairs with ease. The main difficulty may be keeping yourself concentrated, make sure you aren’t procrastinating! Another bonus to working form your outdoor office shed is the casual clothes it allows you to work in. Dressing in your own clothes without worrying about other opinions can make for a much more successful business.

5. Workspace to suit you

When working for a company or even when using rented office space, your allocated office, desk or cubicle is restricted to the work environment in which they offer. Differently, with a contemporary garden office, you can arrange the furniture how you like, change the wall art and even lay carpet. Style your office however you like- you own it! Like working with the comfort of having your pet beside you? Why not allocate an area of your garden office building for your beloved pet, it’s up to you!

6. Relieve Stress

Working within the grounds of your own home can allow you to relax while at work, knowing the comfort of your own home is at just an arm’s length away. Situations that can become incredibly stressful in traditional workplaces, can be simply solved by a stroll around your back garden when working from your garden office.

Why not incorporate a small fridge and sitting area in your garden home office? Let yourself can enjoy a small break when things seem to get too much.

7. Work and Home Balance

It is commonplace for family time to be sacrificed as a result of careers spiral into exhaustion day after day. With an outdoor office shed, you will be able to spend more time in the morning with your loved ones, get home without suffering the time-consuming commute, and even get chance to spend afternoon breaks playing with your children.

8. Flexible Uses

When you’re out of “working hours” your garden office shed can be used for a multitude of other purposes. From a children’s playroom to a spare room for guests, your garden office room can give more uses than you first imagined. Remember to make sure it’s still your office and don’t let it be overrun by rivalling purposes.

9. Property Value

Although not a reason for initially purchasing a garden office shed, it buyers can be assured in knowing that their investment is a good one. Most real estate buyers are now seeking extra features to give potential buyers that extra incentive. It has been reported that incorporating a garden office shed could add as much as 7% to the value of your property!

Now you’ve heard just a few of the benefits of incorporating garden office sheds, it may be something you would like to consider. Interested? Don’t hesitate to contact one of our garden office shed experts at SolidSheds on 01695 51442 to find out more.

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