Solid Bases

Base and Access Requirements

It is the customers responsibility to make sure the base and access is adequate.

It is essential that your building is erected on a solid, flat and level area which is of adequate size to accommodate the new buildings footprint.

Any unevenness will cause major problems during installation and affect the longevity of your building.

You will also require at least 12 inches (300mm) space around the base to allow for the roof overhangs and to be able to waterproof.

Preparing Shed Base

Base requirements for standard floors

Solid Sheds floors are a joist and beam system and require a 100% flat and level solid base and must be the full size of the building, if not, slightly bigger.

Examples of suitable bases:
Flags correctly installed covering the entire area or a concrete base, flat and level.

Platform Bases

A timber base frame manufactured using 4”x2” 100% pressure-treated timber with bracing in each corner. Leveled up using timber legs.

Platform bases are used to level up an uneven solid surface, with no more than 4” fall, such as a slopping concrete base or uneven flagging. They cant be used on grass, dirt or gravel, as the legs will sink into the ground.

Timber Premium Concrete
4×6 £120£240£720
5×7 £140£280£720
6×8 £192£384£720
8×10 £280£560£1200
10×12 £420£840£1800
10×14 £490£980£2100
10×16 £560£1120£2400

Concrete Bases

If you have no suitable base, then a new concrete base can be added to your order.

This service provides a 4” thick concrete pad. We skim off the top layer of soil to create a flat area to lay concrete on to. We do not remove any waste soil. If more groundwork is required, then this will be quoted for separately, by our contractors NOT Solid Sheds.

For best results, we recommend a concrete base which is priced at £15 per square foot, for a minimum charge of £720.


Buildings are delivered as large panels meaning clear access is required. Some panels can be up to 10×8 feet in size and will not fit through standard doorways or gates with lintels above. They may also not fit around tight corners or through narrow gaps.

You must also clear overhead obstructions, cables and branches etc…

If you have newly laid turf, flags or flower beds, it is the customer’s responsibility to protect these areas.

If the Building has to go through a doorway or archway, then these measurements must be added to the building order or a site visit can be arranged from one of our building advisors if you are unsure about access.

Buildings can be constructed as split panel buildings in order to fit through a doorway.

Split Panels are Prices as follows:      

Shed Specification                    £100
Heavy Duty Specification         £200

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