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By choosing to buy a timber building from Solid Sheds, you will have the peace of mind that comes from dealing with a company that has almost 40 years experience in the manufacture of timber products. In that time, we have been able to find the best timber suppliers and wholesalers, who, together with our fully qualified staff, have helped us gain a reputation for craftsmanship and fine quality which is second to none.

We pride ourselves in giving our customers the benefit of our knowledge and expertise in order to tailor-make their buildings. We believe our customers want those extra touches of detail and care which they have come to expect when purchasing a building from us. Over the years, we have grown our reputation through hard work and customer loyalty, we have become the largest timber building manufacturer in the South East (Skinners Sheds) and we’ve now established Solid Sheds in both the Midlands and the North West.

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All of our timber is
pressure treated

Impregnating the wood with a preservative in a vacuum pressure timber impregnation plant protects your building from insect attack & decay.

Together with our own high standards of craftsmanship, you have a low maintenance building which is protected from rot and has a service life of many years.

Most durable buildings on the market

We pride ourselves on our eco-friendly buildings which last four times as long as other major competitors. We have buildings on sites that are 30 years old. This helps us to offer you the strongest and most durable buildings on the market today. Combine this with our excellent, value for money service and you can see why people insist on a Solid Sheds building.

Solid Sheds’ philosophy is demonstrating its commitment to tackling the complex issue of timber procurement. All timber is sourced from well-managed, legal and non-controversial sources which carry recognised and acceptable certification, enabling us to produce strong and dependable buildings that will last up to 30 years, NOT just a couple of years, as is the case with inferior buildings.

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Extra strength and durability

Extra strength and durability

All of our buildings are made from Redwood timber. This is a slow-grown timber with close-grown rings, resulting in a denser, heavier and stronger timber that will outlast white wood or pine. We prefer not to use sterling board or chipboard as this will absorb moisture and become weak. All of our panels have diagonal bracing for extra strength and durability. Our floors are made of floor joists and floor beams that give you a strong and permanently dry floor with 3″ clearance for air flow. We use stainless steel nails (which don’t rust) on all of our wall panels for additional strength and durability.

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A timber building is an investment

Come to our factory and see the standard of our workmanship or click here to see our factory in action. We have over 300 buildings on display across our show sites. Why not visit us to see and feel the quality or our workmanship. Click here for showsites.

Strong builds, lasting results


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