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For many, working from home is the dream scenario. After all, you don’t have to tackle the commute to and from your workplace on a daily basis and are afforded the ability to create the best possible workspace for you to excel. One of the main limiting factors that have prevented a working from home scenario has been a lack of space in the home for your new office. On top of this, many people feel that they would be unable to work to the best of their ability as they are met with distractions in the home around them.

If you are looking to resolve those issue with just one purchase, be sure to check out the range of garden office sheds available from Solid Sheds.

We make sure that you can choose from a selection of luxurious, yet sturdy custom made garden rooms made specifically to suit your requirements and surroundings. The various styles of outdoor office shed we offer here at Solid Sheds provide you with ultimate protection from the outdoors as they are fully insulated, creating an ideal workspace all year round. So whether it is a hot summers day or a bitterly cold winter evening, you will feel comfortable in your new garden office shed.

Custom-built to order

Pressure treated

Many years of service

Delivery and erection included


Strong builds, lasting results


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