5 Tips To Create The Perfect Study Shed


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5 Tips To Create The Perfect Study Shed

Finding a quiet place to work in peace can often be a difficult task in the hustle and bustle of family life, we understand! If you’re someone who works from home, owns their own business or is just looking for a private place to study – a wooden garden office is an ideal solution for you. Having a designated space like this is sure to make you much more productive and generally happier and healthier in your day to day life, it’s a win-win!

Taking the leap of deciding to incorporate a home office into your back garden might be easier than you think. Custom garden offices available from Solid Sheds are built by hand in their purpose-built factory. This includes treatment, delivery, and erection service. But before all of that… here are our 5 tips to creating the perfect study shed:

Define its use

Bespoke garden office sheds from Solid Sheds come in a wide range of sizes and models, so be sure to keep your options open! You may even decide to purchase a summer house or workshop and transform it into your very own garden office. Customise the building to your needs by deciding on the placement of doors and windows. Make all the changes you like as your purpose-built garden shed is entirely designed by you!

Make sure you know what you want to use the room for, so you can account for space for your desk, storage units and craft table if they are needed.

Connect your shed

Depending on how you are using your garden office shed, it may be essential to make sure you get your shed connected. At Solid Shed, we would recommend connecting your shed to the mains power rather than using a daisy chain of extension leads to keep your devices charged. The lighting options coupled with the heating & cladding properties make your new workspace comfortable all year round. You’ll probably find yourself spending more time in your study shed than you expected!

One of the most important considerations to make when debating a garden office is the internet connection. The likelihood is that you are going to need a strong internet connection when you work in your new outdoor office so make sure it’s possible. There are a variety of options to get a good connection, from a point-to-point system or an ethernet cord running from your house. Check out more on this on our dedicated post on how to get broadband to your garden shed.

Personalised space

Ensuring that your shed study is comfortable and practical is vitally important, but it is also crucial to make your new office space attractive. If you don’t, you’ll never want to spend any time in there! An increasingly popular interior design option is recycling furniture from the home and giving it a new lick of paint. This can be a fantastic, inexpensive way to furnish your garden home office.

Adding wall art and plants can give your modern garden office a homely feel and you may even want to lay a carpet to make your new workspace that extra bit luxurious

Stay bright

Working in a well-lit space with ample natural daylight can improve creativity and learning. Carefully plan where your study shed would be ideally placed to make the most of sunlight to make your space as bright as possible. Good lighting during the events and winter months will help you work more efficiently while reducing the strain on your eyes. Having natural light to capture your office building will also save you money on electricity.


Although you want the main purpose of your garden office to be a place where you can go to work, it’s important to install a comfy seating area where you can relax for the purpose of productivity. Everyone needs breaks and distinguishing an area where you can go for them is an excellent way to stay on top of your work. Chill out on the sofa with a cup of coffee and let your mind be at rest.

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