6 Uses For a Garden Office Shed

6 Uses For a Garden Office Shed

6 Uses For a Garden Office Shed

A garden office shed is among the most versatile pieces of equipment that you can use for the space outside your home. If you are looking for an alternative use for this building then you have come to the right place here at Solid Sheds. We have often installed these sheds for uses that are unconventional and can give you some inspiration as to how to transform your garden.

Extra storage

The main and most popular use for a garden office shed is to allow for some extra storage for items that are either unnecessary or unsuitable for inside the home. These sheds are often larger than pent sheds and apex sheds and allow for the storage of larger products. However, there are other uses too.


One of these could be a home cinema for any film fanatics out there, or just as a space to be able to watch TV in peace and in a different setting. This room can be very simple to create, by implementing a television and some seats or couches you could make this homely space as private and as comfortable as possible to provide the ultimate home cinema.

Guest House

If you regularly have friends or family visitors over from afar and it is easier for them to have some accommodation for the time they’re over, then why not turn your garden office shed into a stylish and comfortable guest house? You can make this space cosy and welcoming to people that need a place to stay while they are visiting. This can be achieved by installing some soft fairy lights and a comfy bed to sleep on, you can create the perfect setting for any guests to your home.

Home gym

Often the reason people don’t want to go to the gym is because it can involve quite a bit of travelling. However, if you turn your garden office shed into a home gym, you have no excuse not to burn off the calories, no matter what time of year it is. Being indoors and in the comfort of your garden, you are able to exercise confidently and privately, achieving the best results!

Games room

You could add a pool table, a ping pong table or a dartboard to give your shed a competitive edge and turn it into an extra space to socialise with friends. This gives you a way to get together with your friendship group more often and allows your significant other to keep an eye on any antics that go on! These restorations are becoming more and more popular lately, and can be achieved with the help of a wood shed from Solid Sheds.

Writing space

It’s becoming increasingly popular in the modern day to work from home. This an understandable trend, especially when garden office sheds can be turned into a productive working office capable of catering to a variety of jobs. This includes writing a blog or any other role that needs creativity and inspiration. Your shed can be personalised to create a vibe that brings the best of your writing ability.

Sheds on finance

Here at Solid Sheds, we make sure that we offer our sheds with a finance option to allow you to obtain your dream shed quicker than ever. As, lets be honest, there may be some more important costs to pay for up front than purchasing a shed all in one go! But with our sheds on finance you can divide your payments into smaller chunks to pay off in 1, 2, 3 or 4 years after purchase. This gives you more time to pay off your shed and less pressure on you to do so.

Contact us

Solid Sheds are happy to assist you with any enquiry that you may have, as one of our dedicated team of experts can give you a quick and informed response if you have any questions about our sheds. You can fill out our online enquiry form or check out our nearest branch to you if you would like to visit us in store. Be sure to give us a call on 01695 51442 and you can discuss your requirements with us straight away.

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