What Are The Benefits Of A Garden Shed?


Benefits Of Sheds

What Are The Benefits Of A Garden Shed?

Regardless of whether you’re a keen gardener or not, at some point in your life, you will probably consider buying a garden shed. These small wooden structures have become an inherent feature of most back gardens; so much so that, when moving into a new home or property, they are often at the very top of the homeowners “to buy” list. They may be simple in construction, but they can be used for a wide range of different purposes and they come hand-in-hand with a number of benefits. Here we take a look at each of these benefits in a little more detail, exploring how a garden shed, whether this be apex sheds or pent sheds, can be put to good use and pinpointing exactly why these structures are so incredibly popular.

5 Benefits of the Humble Garden Shed

No. 1: Organisation of Gardening Equipment

Homeowners will understand, a garden often requires just as much care and attention as the inside of your house. Ok, so you might not be the next Alan Titchmarsh; but, if you want to keep your garden looking neat and tidy, it will need to be regularly maintained – and such maintenance will involve the use of various different gardening tools and equipment. An outdoor shed is a fantastic place to store this equipment. A wooden shed is typically large enough for the storage of bulky items, such as a lawn mower, hedge trimmer, or wheelbarrow and – fitted with a range of shelves and hooks – they offer a great place to store and organise your small hand-held tools. Simply hang your secateurs up on the wall and, when its time to get green-fingered, you will know exactly where to find them.

No. 2: Storage of Hazardous Materials

You want your garden to look as nice as possible and therefore, from time-to-time, you’ll probably need to use products such as lawn feed, fertilisers, and weed-killers. These products are incredibly hazardous and, as such, they should be kept somewhere safe at all times – out of the reach of both children and pets. Once again, wooden garden sheds are an ideal place to store such hazardous materials. Rather than leaving them in the garage or at the back of the garden, where little hands can get to them, they can be popped on to one of the shelves inside your shed and securely locked away. You will always know where to find them and you will have peace of mind, they are out of harm’s way.

No. 3: Additional Storage

It doesn’t matter if you own a small terraced house or a huge six-bedroom mansion, it’s always nice to have a little extra storage space. We’re all guilty of hoarding to a certain extent – wanting to keep hold of those items with sentimental value, hanging onto something because you “might need it in the future” – and kids, in general, just come hand-in-hand with a lot of stuff. This is another obvious benefit of a backyard shed; they can be used to store just about everything, from bulky toys and mountain bikes to your old gym equipment and the summer barbeque. Your possessions will be securely locked away outside and you can free up valuable space inside your home or garage.

No. 4: It’s an Investment

This is one benefit that is often overlooked; however, if you’re unsure of whether to buy a new outdoor shed or not, it is definitely something to keep in mind. A garden shed can actually add to the overall value of your property. Not only does it provide valuable storage space (for both gardening tools and general items) but it also adds to the appearance of the garden – and, as a result, they are an incredibly popular feature amongst potentials buyers. When it comes to selling up, most people find that their well-designed and professionally-built shed was a highly worthwhile investment.

No. 5: Space for Activities

Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of having a man cave, with a 60” TV, a beer fridge and your favourite computer games? Or perhaps you just need a space to practice an instrument? Once again, this is where an outdoor shed can come in very handy. Essentially, it is just an extra room – a versatile space, that can be used for a wide range of activities. It could be converted into an arts and crafts room, a games room, a home gym or a garden office shed – the possibilities are endless! Use your imagination and a garden shed can be so much more than just a place to keep your gardening tools and equipment.

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