4 Benefits of Installing a Pent Shed in your Garden

4 Benefits of Installing a Pent Shed in your Garden

Benefits of installing a pent shed in your garden

Pent sheds may well be the answer if you are looking for a neat, practical way of storing your garden essentials. This sturdy design of these bespoke garden sheds is able to house most items that are too large to store in the home or would cause too much of a nuisance to daily life. A pent shed is built with many advantages that allow them to become a mainstay in your garden for years to come.

Here at Solid Sheds, we have listed some of these pent shed advantages in this blog post so you can get a true idea of the benefits they can bring before you make the decision to purchase one for your garden space.

  1. The pent roof

The main characteristic that makes this shed different from its alternatives is the pent roof It helps with drainage and stops you worrying about your shed being damaged in the event of a downpour or storm. To achieve this, the shed’s roof is sloped, normally with the door wall being its highest point so that any rain can slide straight off the slope in case of gathering on the roof itself.

This allows for plenty of headroom so you don’t have to worry about whether you can fit your garden utensils in or not.

  1. The unsung hero

Normally, pent sheds aren’t designed to be the main attraction of a garden and often work best when they are up against a fence or wall or even in a bushy area. The pent shed is more of a functional shed rather than a centrepiece structure like a summer house or garden office shed would be.

This is particularly useful in smaller gardens where space is at a premium and can even help to make your garden appear bigger than it actually is. You can make use of the rest of your garden whilst still having ample storage space.

  1. As much storage as you need

The notion that a pent shed can only be a small garden shed is one that is false, as here at Solid Sheds we provide multiple sizes that range from a snug 6x4ft to a massive 20x10ft, all depending on your requirements. This means that whether you need to store some small garden tools for a time when they are needed, or if you have to store larger garden apparatus such as a lawnmower, a pent shed is suitable for this too.

It can give you plenty of room to streamline your garden from tools that need to be kept safe from damage and can also help to make your garden look a lot bigger due to the lack of tools cluttering up your lawn or patio space

  1. The highest quality wood

To make sure that your pent shed is built to last, it is pressure treated with the finest Protek wood preserver available, so it can survive the elements in the harshest of conditions. We know that there have been many horror stories in the past of people’s sheds deteriorating rapidly, leaving the contents inside to be ruined in the space of just a few months. Our pent sheds will be able to stand the test of time and the outdoor weather.

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