6 Benefits Of A Wooden Garage


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6 Benefits Of A Wooden Garage

In recent years, the wooden garage is becoming increasingly popular throughout the United Kingdom. When looking to keep their cars in a dry, safe place, homeowners are regularly opting to install wood garage buildings onto their property. Timber garages are one of many structures that can be incorporated into your home to protect your family vehicles. This blog will tell you why you should consider bespoke timber garages from Solid Sheds.


Although wooden garages act as an excellent home for your car, they also have several other potential purposes. Depending on the size of your timber garage, you will likely be able to use it to store gardening and DIY equipment. You may even think about incorporating a wooden double garage so that half of your bespoke wooden garage can be used as a wooden workshop. The versatility offered by timber garages and workshops gives them the edge over their concrete counterparts.

Wooden Garages are Easy to Install

In the early stages of purchasing a garage, wood is the most practical of the options available. Wooden garages are relatively easy to erect and if deciding to install your own garage, it is likely to only take you a couple of days before you can use it. Another benefit to the installation of wooden garages (and a money saver) is that they only require a concrete slab as their foundation. Concrete garages, on the other hand, require additional foundations, prolonging the building time of your garage and increasing the overall cost.

Timber Garages are Aesthetically pleasing

Likely to be the main reason you want to incorporate a wooden garage into your home is that they look better than the alternatives on the market. They also tend to age better than the alternatives, reiterating the fact that wooden garages are the cost-effective choice. Wooden garages are much easier to preserve and coat with fresh licks of paint whereas metal or concrete paint has a tendency to flake.

Timber Garages are a Natural Insulator

One aspect of wooden garages that is often foolishly overlooked is that they are an excellent natural insulator. Particularly if you are looking to have your timber garage double up as a garden workshop, this can make a dramatic difference. Even if you decide to punch holes in your wooden garage walls for electrical cables, the installation will not be affected. The same cannot be said for metal and concrete structures.

Wooden Garages are Easily Fixed

Although thoroughly pressure treating your wood garage building with wood preserver will ensure it lasts a lifetime, if any section of the wooden garage experiences any damage, they can be easily replaced. The section of your timber garage quite simply needs to be taken out and replaced with a new piece of wood. Quite different to timber garages, concrete or metal structures that need maintenance can pose some difficulty. In some cases, entire sections of structures need to be taken down before being put up again.

Why Solid Sheds?

Solid Sheds provide many wooden garages in varying sizes and styles. Our bespoke wooden garages provide an insulated, practical garden building to serve a variety of purposes. At Solid Sheds, we pride ourselves on the outstanding service we provide our customers. We are aware that those who want to implement a wooden garage into their home may not be DIY savvy, which is why we offer to deliver and erect your timber garage for you! From design to installation, our expert team will work with you to create the bespoke wooden garage that you need. Contact us on 01695 51442 to find out more.

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