Everything You Need To Know About Garden Workshops


Garden Workshops

Everything You Need To Know About Garden Workshops

Things to Consider when buying a Garden Workshop

The bespoke garden sheds that we provide at Solid Sheds will meet your every requirement. The primary considerations you need to make largely depend on the shape and size of your garden.


Probably the most obvious thing to consider when looking to purchase a garden workshop is the size of the workshop shed. One mistake that occurs fairly often is customers underestimating the size of the garden workshop they need. It is much easier to make use of additional space compared to working within a restricted space, particularly when you have made such a large investment.


Knowing the purpose of your garden workshop is of great importance, even at the design stage of your wood workshop. A great example of this is deciding the number of windows you would like in your shed. If you intend to use your garden workshop for the arts and crafts, it is likely that having several windows to increase the amount of natural light will be of great benefit. However, if you require more storage space, you may opt to incorporate fewer windows and include shelves and other storage solutions.


One of the most common mistakes made when purchasing a timber workshop is the price being at the forefront of the buyer’s mind. Unfortunately, like most things in life, the cheaper the garden shed the more likely it is to suffer wear and tear and buying a shed of poor quality could significantly reduce the amount of time you are able to stay in it.

The bespoke garden buildings manufactured, designed and built by the expert team at Solid Sheds are of the highest quality, and when treated properly, are incredibly long-lasting.

What your Garden Workshop needs

When you make the decision to purchase a garden workshop, setting up your bespoke garden building can provide difficulty in its own right. For that reason, we suggest you implement the following to get the most out of your garden workshop.


The only reason you wouldn’t need an electricity supply to a garden workshop is if you use tools that don’t require power and only use those tools during daylight hours. However, if you require an electric drill, some lighting, and a plug to boil your kettle through, having electricity in your garden workshop is a necessity.

The most common way of getting electricity to your wooden garden workshop is through feeding a cable underneath your lawn. Any qualified electrician is capable of completing the task, and if you’re looking to save a bit of extra money, doing the digging yourself will reduce the job at hand.


Incorporating the right workbench into your new workspace is essential to its success. Make sure you plan the worktop first and the space in which you would like to put it in. At SolidSheds we also recommend that you get a sturdy wooden surface that you aren’t afraid to mark and stain. Your workbench can always be replaced!


Storage is a consideration that is often overlooked when purchasing a garden building but there are endless tricks you can implement to create some storage space in your garden workshop. From peg boards on the walls of your garden shed to handy draws that are easily accessible. It is likely you are going to need quite a bit of storage for your tools or work equipment so make sure you take it into account.

Maintenance and Security

Consider the security of your garden workshop as they can prone to theft. The shed experts here at SolidSheds recommend that you place your garden workshop within sight of your home and use appropriate locking to ensure that your shed cant be easily broken into. Apart from that, we recommend periodically checking your garden building to ensure everything is safe and sound.

Benefits of a Garden Office

When looking to incorporate a space in your property where you can work, you may be deliberating between a few options. At Solid Sheds we feel that building a wooden garden workshop on your property is among the best options for the following reasons.

Planning Permission

If it’s between a wooden garden workshop and a workshop consisting of other material such as concrete or metal, a wooden workshop will certainly cause you the least amount of problems. One of the primary benefits of selecting a wooden garden workshop is that it is incredibly unlikely that planning permission will be required as the structure only requires a shed base, not a foundation.

Aesthetically Pleasing

I don’t think there is any denying that wooden workshops look amazing, particularly when compared to their metal rivals. As the design process of your bespoke shed from Solid Sheds is conducted by you, your garden workshop can look exactly how you want it to, finished in a way that suits your preferences and location.

Easy to Install

If you chose Solid Sheds to be the expert team that manufacture your bespoke garden workshop, we will erect your garden building on the day of delivery. If you think you can do it yourself then instructions for building can be provided! Other garden buildings take much longer to build, but with a wooden workshop, you can use it on that same day.

Interested? Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team to answer any of your queries. They will be happy to help!

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