Is wood still the best shed material?

Is wood still the best shed material?

Is wood still the best shed materialWhen scouring the web for a new garden shed, you will be met with many different choices. You will normally see sheds of all different shapes and sizes that all promise the same thing, to be the building that your garden is crying out for. But is this actually always true? Is a large metal shed the best fit for your smaller garden? Would a plastic shed look out of place surrounded by your wooden fence?

At Solid Sheds, we are here to evaluate whether the traditional wood shed still reigns supreme as the best shed material or perhaps whether there are other kinds of garden buildings you should consider.

Easy on the eye

Compared to plastic and metal sheds that have come onto the market in more modern times, wooden sheds still have their places as – in our opinion – the most aesthetically pleasing sheds available today. Nothing says a garden where you can enjoy peace and tranquillity than a wood shed surrounded by an assortment of flowers and plants, bringing nature right to your home.

Wood sheds appeal to the traditional homeowners that are looking for a subtle way to store their garden equipment. However, they also fit right in with gardens of the modern day with the ability to have large glass windows and doors, making them a perfect place to relax or work.

Easily customisable

As well as having multiple uses, such as being used as a tool shed or wooden summer house depending on size, wooden sheds can also be made to fit any garden’s look. With the ability to easily paint wood with multiple coats, you have the freedom to switch up the shade of your shed whenever you see fit, perhaps every couple of years when you feel your fencing needs a new coat of paint.

If you are looking to change the colour of a plastic or metal shed to fit the new design direction of your garden, you will be looking to fork out for a whole new shed entirely, as painting these materials will essentially ruin the look of your shed.


We’re not going to kid you here and tell you that plastic and metal sheds aren’t durable, when in fact they are. All kinds of sheds are built to last and to withstand the outside elements, which can be especially unpredictable in the UK! However, if you are looking to buy one of our wooden sheds for sale based off their appearance, then you’ll be glad to know that they are a very strong and durable solution that will be a fixture in your garden setting for many years to come.

As long as they are built properly and from a high-quality shed supplier – like the team at Solid Sheds – then your shed will be in safe hands for the duration of its lifespan. It will not suffer from rotting if the wood becomes damp, giving you peace of mind that your shed will be able to brave the elements and prove a smart investment.

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