5 Alternative Uses For A Wooden Potting Shed


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5 Alternative Uses For A Wooden Potting Shed

Nowadays, a garden seems bare without the presence of a wooden potting shed. Perfect for anyone who makes use of their garden regularly, garden potting sheds can be the pride and joy of your home environment. Although their main purpose is of course plant related, they have a range of additional advantages – making them perfect to have placed in your back garden. Solid Sheds provide a range of adaptable garden potting sheds for sale, which can easily be used for more than just growing plants. In the following blog, we take a look at some of the more creative uses for a potting shed and highlight the alternative ways in which you can put this garden accessory to good use.

No. 1: Potting Sheds Provide a Relaxing Area

Everyone needs somewhere to go and have a little time to themselves, once in a while. The atmosphere created by a wooden potting shed can be both calm and tranquil to sit in. The great thing about potting sheds is that they can be adapted to include seats or benches, thus creating a unique place to sit, relax and focus on your hobby of gardening. It is a place to escape the pressures and stresses of life and relax, somewhere to get a little headspace and let go of your worries.

No. 2: Potting Sheds Are Perfect for Storage

One of the main advantages of a garden potting shed is storage. Potting sheds come in various shapes and sizes, catering to the requirements of each customer; however, one thing they all have in common, is the extra storage space that a potting shed provides. Of course,  hooks and shelves can be added, thus offering a place to store your garden tools securely and smartly. But who says a potting shed with storage can only be used to store garden appliances? If you have space to play with, why not use it to store other items – such as mountain bikes and Christmas decorations? Granted that it doesn’t get in the way of your gardening, a wooden potting shed can be used for storage in more than ways than one.

No. 3: Potting Sheds Are Perfect for Security

In addition to acting as a reliable storage facility, a potting shed with storage space is a brilliant place to keep items safe and secure. Top of the range gardening tools and equipment tend to be quite expensive, and if your house or garage does not have the space to store them, a wooden potting shed can be the perfect solution to keeping your costly items secure. Thanks to the alarm systems and locking mechanisms that can be fitted nowadays, a potting shed can be a perfect place for keeping your items safe.

No. 4: Potting Sheds Are Great for Maintaining Plants

Although greenhouses are traditionally viewed as the perfect environment for housing different types of plant, garden potting sheds are now equally suitable for this purpose. A greenhouse is typically only warm during the summer months. However, by contrast, the wood from which a potting shed is constructed offers excellent insulation and – as the windows allow in both natural light and heat – the space is likely to stay warm all-year-round. This means that plant life, particularly plant life that needs to be kept in a warm climate, will be better placed in a wooden potting shed.

No. 5: Potting Sheds Can Double Up as A Workspace

As mentioned already, garden potting sheds can be a wonderful place to relax and escape your daily stresses. However, it can also double as an area for work. You may be a writer in need of a quiet workspace. You could just generally need an office area to carry out extra work after getting home. A potting shed can be perfect for a number of different uses. You can also have lighting installed, thus allowing your wooden potting shed to be of use to you on those dark, winter evenings.

Why Solid Sheds?

Garden potting sheds from Solid Sheds are designed to suit our customers’ needs and garden space. All of our sheds are customisable, so if you need a wooden potting shed of a particular shape or size – and you can’t find one that is suitable on our website – please feel to get in touch. Give us a call on 01695 51442 and one of our friendly members of staff will be happy to assist and provide a quote.

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