6 style ideas for summerhouses

style ideas for summerhouses

6 style ideas for summerhouses

Summerhouses can be many things – not only can they increase property value, but they provide a home away from home just a short walk away. Whether you use it as a haven for practising your hobbies, a space for socialising, or simply somewhere to unwind alone, the way you style your summerhouse is essential in setting the mood.

To help you make the most of your summerhouse, we’ve listed 6 impressive style ideas for summerhouses below. Implement these exterior and interior design techniques to experience hours of enjoyment in your summerhouse.

1) Create a secret summerhouse garden getaway

First of all, you need to find the perfect spot to place your summerhouse in your yard. This would ideally be a quiet corner as far from your actual house as possible, tucked away at the end of the garden to truly separate it from the rest of your home. Though we’ve all heard a lot about home offices, studios, gyms, bars, and a million other uses for garden sheds, your summerhouse should really be a peaceful escape.

Summerhouses also help you feel closer to nature, and what better way to enhance this atmosphere than to disguise your summerhouse with fresh foliage? From potted plants and flowerbeds at ground level to hanging baskets and trellises with climbing flowers and plants, surrounding your summerhouse with lush greenery will transform it into a stunning countryside-cottage-style retreat that delights the senses.

2) Choose soft colours to evoke a sense of calm

You can leave wooden summerhouses as they are for a rustic cabin look, or you can paint the exterior and even the interiors to completely transform them. When choosing your colour palette, be sure that it complements the rest of your garden, and isn’t too garishly bright. If you’re going for the hidden getaway style above, try painting your summerhouse in earthy tones to help it blend in.

Otherwise, the key is to stick to lighter and more neutral shades. Whether that’s soft pastels or clean white, the aim is to create a feeling of tranquillity when you look at your summerhouse. A subtle light blue with white or cream trim is a popular choice, especially for summerhouses with multi-pane windows and doors, as it’s reminiscent of a clear and serene summer sky.

3) Add an outdoor dining area with decking or a patio

Dining alfresco is definitely reserved for summer, considering UK weather, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t create an outdoor seating space for your summerhouse. To save time and money, you should look for summerhouses with verandas or front porches built-in. This way you have a perfect space, perhaps with an overhanging roof, to set up a café-style table and chairs.

If your summerhouse doesn’t come with a veranda, you can still create your own patio area with wooden decking or paving slabs in front of it. This is ideal for summerhouses with French doors, bi-folding doors, or sliding doors, as it offers a seamless transition between the interior and exterior spaces. You can even install a stepping-stone path to tie the area together with the rest of the garden. Then add folding garden furniture that can easily be carried inside if the weather turns.

4) Make it minimalist with versatile furniture

Summerhouses aren’t supposed to be for outdoor equipment or overflow from your house – that’s what garden sheds and garages are for. How are you supposed to relax if you’re surrounded by clutter? Similarly, you should avoid over-furnishing your summerhouse, and be very intentional with your furniture selections to avoid this issue. Look for clever storage solutions and multi-purpose furniture to maximise the use of your space.

Lightweight folding furniture that’s easily portable and can be used both indoors and outdoors is especially useful in this regard. You want to be comfortable inside, but also able to move outside to enjoy the sun. Make sure that your seating and shelving arrangements leave plenty of room to move around without feeling cramped. Unless you need privacy, avoid installing solid curtains or blinds on summerhouse windows or doors, as these will close off the space and block out too much light.

5) Mix and match your summerhouse décor

Many people strive to maintain a cohesive colour palette and interior design scheme throughout their homes. You don’t have to extend this to your summerhouse, though – this is your opportunity to express your personality in a more casual way. Don’t worry about making sure that everything matches, as this can appear like a clinical showroom rather than a cosy escape.

Mixing and matching gives you the opportunity to do some thrifting and get creative with upcycling. Use soft furnishings such as decorative cushions and throws to add colour without being too chaotic. Add accent pieces to carry threads of colours and patterns throughout the space, and tie different areas together with a complementary rug that also insulates the floor.

6) Remember that it’s all about ambient lighting

The one thing that really determines the atmosphere when you’re relaxing in your summerhouse is the lighting. Summerhouses with French doors and/or plenty of windows will maximise the amount of sunlight, breathing life into the space. Painting the interior of your summerhouse white is another way to make the room feel brighter and more spacious, as this will reflect more light. Sheer floaty curtains can make your summerhouse feel dreamy by diffusing the natural light.

When positioning your summerhouse, you should always consider which part of your garden gets the most sunlight. Try facing it east if you want to watch the sunrise from your summerhouse with your morning coffee, or facing it west if you’d rather watch the sunset while sipping evening cocktails. Fairy lights or any kind of LED lights are a must to make your summerhouse feel magical when it gets dark – LED candles in lanterns are a great idea when it’s not safe to use real candles.

Looking for wooden summerhouses?

If you’re still searching for the perfect summerhouse to apply these style tips to, then look no further than the selection of summerhouses from Solid Sheds. We offer a range of sizes and designs to suit every requirement and taste, providing the perfect canvas for you to create your garden getaway.

Should you have any questions about our summerhouses, feel free to get in touch through our online form or by calling the Solid Sheds team on 01695 51442. You can also visit one of our branches if you’d prefer to see what our summerhouses look like in person before you choose one for yourself.

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