Have you considered a brand new she shed?

She Shed

Have you considered a brand new she shed?

Over the years, the shed has been hallmarked as an area of the garden that is often “male exclusive”, seen as a place where men keep their garden tools and can retreat from the trials and tribulations of the home. But, rightly so, in modern times there has been a rise in sheds that are designed to give women that relaxing space they desire. That’s right, an area that was previously “out of bounds” to women is now becoming a space they can truly call their own. And so the she shed is born!

These days, there is no man cave without a she shed alternative. If you’d like to check out our blog post on how to create the ultimate man cave then feel free, but for now, let’s get on with giving you all the ideas you need for your new she shed of dreams.

What are the uses of a she shed?

The fantastic thing about this kind of space is that it can be used for anything you want! Perhaps you want a place to work out whenever you like, or a setting to inspire your creative side when writing, working on art, revising etc. The use for your she shed is entirely up to you, so make sure you think about your intended use before you get to work kitting out the interior! Here are some other uses you may want to consider:

  • An area to relax with friends, perhaps with some films or an alcoholic drink (or two)!
  • A space to unwind alone after a long day or tough time, make sure you stock up on pillows and blankets aplenty!
  • A home office if you have the option of working remotely. This allows you to cut out the commute and create your own custom workspace that suits your own ideals.

Of course, just because these getaway areas are called “she sheds” and “man caves”, it doesn’t mean that you have to have a masculine or feminine preference when it comes to the interior! You can decorate your shed in whatever way you like and use it as a home cinema, a games room or even a pub shed.

The benefits of a she shed

Having a designated area that is designed for you to switch off and unwind can work wonders for your mental health and wellbeing. Sure, we can all go to our bedrooms when we are feeling a little tired or overwhelmed, but often they don’t truly remove you from the situation at hand. By having your own calm and relaxing building at the bottom of your garden, you are able to become surrounded by your preferred colours, movies, snacks, drinks… the list goes on!

The versatility of not just she sheds, but garden sheds, in general, is what makes them so appealing to all. You can let your personal preferences come to the fore, kitting it out with the things that make you happy and what you like to be around. By having a space that you can call yours, you are going to improve the health of your mind and body by leaving all those stresses at the door. Your she shed is a positive vibes only zone!

Get in touch with Solid Sheds

So, do you feel like the escapism of a she shed is something that you would like to benefit from? Perhaps you already have some ideas that you want to put into action. If so, then Solid Sheds can help you pick your perfect wood shed to get you started.

Be sure to look through our large selection of garden sheds for sale to find your favourite, then place your order on one of our durable sheds and our expert team will get to work building your bespoke model by hand! If you have any questions you’d like to ask before you place your order, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly experts today.

Call us on 01695 51442 to speak to one of the team directly or fill out our online form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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