How to prepare your shed for a summer garden party

How to prepare your shed for a summer garden party

How to prepare your shed for a summer garden party

How to prepare your shed for a summer garden partyThe warm weather is upon us, and with current COVID-19 guidelines, we are now able to host up to 5 other people in our gardens. It’s about time, right? After the cold winter spent in lockdown, the spring and summer promises to have a large sense of normality being restored. You might want to make use of the ease of restrictions and invite some family or friends over to your own garden, utilising your garden shed as a result.

Your shed can be the ideal place to take some shade from the sun and cool down, or to store your food and drinks ready for the day and night ahead. So, let’s find out how you can use it to your advantage and throw the ultimate summer celebration.

Consider potential COVID-19 guidelines

First thing’s first, keep in mind when exactly you are going to be hosting your garden party. We know that by the time summer comes, this terrible virus will hopefully be behind us, but just in case there are some bumps in the road, you will want to think about how you can make your gathering COVID secure. This could be to reassure your guests, allowing them to be included in the occasion, as well as minimising the risk of transmission.

Make sure you keep up to date with rules in place at the time, paying close attention to the maximum number of people allowed in your garden at once. To keep your party in line with potential COVID restrictions, you should also position seats outdoors and socially distanced, and maybe use your shed for just a small buffet or area to store your drinks, ensuring that no more than one person enters simultaneously.

It may seem like the last thing you want to contemplate after the year (plus!) we’ve had, but being safe will reduce the spread of infection.

Have a good spruce up

Before welcoming any guests to your garden, you should make sure your shed is looking as clean as possible if you intend to use it! Even for the closest of allies, a dirty shed can be off-putting. So if you have any loose items that need organising, or if your surfaces have seen better days, be sure to give them a clean to make your wood shed more appealing to visitors.

And if you plan to have food and drinks in your shed, all the more reason to give your space a thorough scrub and tidy to ensure that it is kept in the best possible condition.

What about decoration?

Now you’ve got a clean shed to work with, how are you going to make it symbolise the party you’re going to have? Perhaps you have opted for a theme for your get together and feel like detailed decoration will add to the occasion. The options are limitless here – you can opt for standard party decorations such as balloons, ribbons, streamers or personalised messages. Moreover, you can personalise the experience by researching a chosen theme that will perfectly set the scene.

Regardless of your decoration preferences, why should you leave out your garden shed? This area can easily benefit from some temporary decorations, making it the ideal hub of the good vibes you intend to promote.

Are you entertained?

Having a get together is all well and good, but doing so to a background soundtrack is a preferred choice for many. So, do you have a high quality speaker set up ready to queue all your favourite tunes? Or perhaps you’re all wanting to watch the big match and will need a place outdoors to keep the TV?

A shed can be the perfect home for said sources of entertainment, keeping them in the shade and not at risk of overheating, as well as giving you a perfect view of the screen if and when needed.

Get in touch today

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