Shed makeover ideas for a refreshed look

Shed makeover ideas for a refreshed look

Shed makeover ideas for a refreshed look

You’d be forgiven for being tired of looking at the same old garden furniture as we are now firmly in the midst of Lockdown episode 3. After all, the weather is gloomy, the nights are dark, and actually putting your garden to good use is often out of bounds due to the lack of sunshine in the sky. So why not use this time to prepare yourself for a summer of good weather, so your garden can be ready for the time you will likely spend soaking in the rays.

An attractive garden shed goes a long way towards making your garden appealing on the eye and will therefore tempt you to spend more time there when the opportunity arises.

Could your walls benefit from a switch up?

Nowadays, garden sheds are becoming more versatile than ever, with garden office sheds hitting their peak of popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. With this in mind, it is important to map out the look of your walls in relation to the use of your garden building. For example, if you feel like your walls could be more welcoming to guests when they stay there – COVID guidelines permitting of course – then you could add some new wallpaper or art that gives it that homely feel.

The adjustments to your wall arrangement can be as subtle or as drastic as you wish, as often just the slightest improvement can make the world of difference!

Add some curtains

Now, this may conflict with the idea of being outside in the sunshine, but curtains are a great way of keeping your building private from nosey neighbours and can add a great source of shade on an especially hot day. This means that you can always retreat to your shed if you are finding the weather out a little too warm for your liking. This idea is ideal if you have turned your garden shed into a pub and you are looking for a way to add some privacy as celebratory drinks carry over into the night time!

Add some inspiration to your space

As stated previously, many are taking the idea of bespoke garden sheds to a whole new level lately. With many having to work from home due to Coronavirus, they have decided to make the most of things and turn their shed into somewhere where they can still work effectively.

With the country still suffering these restrictions 10 months on, perhaps it is time to add some more to the space that you are still having to spend many hours a day inside of. You can perhaps browse round for some art that would fit comfortably on one of the walls of your garden office shed, or create some shelving with room for plants or ornaments that will help keep the look of your office fresh and vibrant in a time of doom and gloom.

How about a lick of paint?

Sheds are designed to be a more rugged alternative to a room in the home, purely based on the fact they are positioned in the garden. So inevitably over time, any paint that is existing in the building will be prone to chipping or fading in colour, meaning that your shed may not look as glamorous as it once did! So – weather permitting if working outside the shed – you might want to go over your existing coat with a fresh one, bringing back that appeal that your shed had originally.

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