Interesting Ways To Decorate Your Shed For Christmas


Christmas Shed

Interesting Ways To Decorate Your Shed For Christmas

Everybody loves putting up the Christmas tree, meticulously arranging the lights, tinsel, baubles and beads before proudly placing the tree topper on the tallest branch. Usually, we’ll then turn our attention to the fireplace, the windowsill and find a creative way to display the Christmas cards which have started to pile up on the doormat.

Give your garden a festive makeover

Some of us take pride in taking our Christmas decorating skills outside and activities can include anything from hanging a wreath on the front door to guiding fairy lights around the window, the fence, the plant pots and anything else we feel would benefit from a festive makeover. If you fancy stepping up the competition this year and getting one over on the neighbours, why not turn add garden shed decorations to turn your shed into your next masterpiece?

Forget the inflatable reindeer and get the shed involved

Often a forgotten relic of summer during the colder months, your wooden shed should also benefit from a little festive cheer this Christmas. It doesn’t take too much time to get the ideas flowing and you could achieve something fantastic without having to dive too deeply into your pockets.

Here are some ideas to get you started

Think of your garden shed as you would any other room in your house. It has a door, four walls and, often, a window too. Just like your house, your shed should have an appealing exterior with Christmassy additions both inside and out.

  • Place fir trees or poinsettias either side of your door and decorate them with fairy lights
  • Paint old tyres with a bright colour and use a stencil to spray a festive design onto them
  • Add a wreath made of twigs to the door
  • Dress the window and/or doorway with a garland and holly
  • Place a vintage sledge or even some skis outside
  • Add a window box and plant evergreens which you may also wish to adorn with lights, pinecones or your choice of decoration.
  • Guide fairy lights around the window and/or the apex of the shed
  • Dress the roof with fluffy white cotton or felt and use spray-on snow on the windowpane
  • Hang jars or bottles filled with fairy lights between your shed and the house or the closest fence.
  • Fill a Christmas sack or wheelbarrow with evergreens or some sweet treats

Create your own Christmas grotto

Bring the magic of Christmas to your garden this year by investing a little bit of free time into crafting your own Santa’s grotto. Dig out some unused Christmas lights, tinsel and find a comfortable seat for Father Christmas and you’re well on your way to the perfect grotto. Just remember to give the shed a good tidy before adding any shed decorations, making sure that any rough edges and stray nails are well out of reach and there’s a place for the children to sit whilst listening to Father Christmas.

Fairy Lights – battery-powered lights are ideal for use inside and outside the shed; they can be draped around the windows, around Santa’s chair and wherever you decide. Powered lights should stay out of reach of children.

Tinsel and baubles – these decorations can be hung wherever you like i.e. from the door, the window, Santa’s chair or wherever you wish. Any handmade Christmas crafts could also find a home in the grotto.

Make it comfortable – a grotto is a warm and welcoming place. Make sure yours is appealing by adding some red throws and cushions close to Santa’s chair. You may find a draught excluder will come in handy or a heater, though an RCD (residual current device) should be used to protect against electrical fires.
The more effort you put into your Christmassy wood shed, the better it will be. Create somewhere which is warm, inviting and very festive and your children will remember your grotto forever.

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