4 ways to give your shed a new lease of life

4 ways to give your shed a new lease of life


 4 ways to give your shed a new lease of lifeDuring this time of restricted travel and being confined to home, it is likely that you have looked at your garden shed and wondered if there are any adjustments you can make to this. Whether this is to refresh a bland or off-trend appearance, or to make your garden shed more usable in the future, there are many ways in which you can get your shed back to what it was originally installed for, to be used!

Here at Solid Sheds, we have highlighted four quick ways in which you can change your shed forever, we are sure you’ll thank us later!

Paint it

One of the simplest ways of keeping your shed refreshed and looking as good as new is to give it a quick coat of paint. This can be especially useful in inspiring you to change the theme of your garden completely, as normally sheds are painted in the same colour as surrounding fences. With most specialist paints out there giving protection for up to 5 years, be sure to consider also adding a coat of Protek wood preserver once dry to fully protect your shed from the elements all year round.

Add storage

Once you have made the outside of your shed look visually appealing, then you are only going to want to match that level of attraction on the inside, right? There are many options from here, but one of the best places to start is adding some storage elements to your shed to keep it useful and practical in the future.

This could be introducing  some draws to keep all of your smaller garden tools or in the form of shelving to store any other garden apparatus that you have. This makes your shed safe and not an overwhelming prospect when you open those doors, so you are more inclined to spend a lot more time in your shed in the future.

Add electrics

If you want to innovate your garden shed into something more than just that, perhaps even a garden office shed, then adding electrics can really give it a whole new purpose. If the COVID-19 pandemic results in you wanting to or having the option to work from home in the future, why not do it in style?

It may be best to call a local, trusted, qualified electrician to see if they are able to perform the job. This is because this job is not as easy as running a cable from inside your home through to your shed, but will need a lot of planning and hard work to make sure it  is done safely.

Add windows

Again, there are articles online that tell you how you can add windows to your garden shed from scratch, but it may be wiser and more convenient to get a local carpenter or shed expert to perform this for you. Either way, windows will add immediate light and personality to your shed so it is no longer a dark and dingy building at the bottom of the garden but is a welcome fixture of the back yard that can be used regularly.

Garden rooms from Solid Sheds com already equipped with two or even four windows so you don’t even have to worry about adding them to an existing design! Come and take a look at our range now.

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