Best ways to make use of the storage in your shed

Best ways to make use of the storage in your shed

Shed storageHere at Solid Sheds, we will always champion ways to make the most efficient use out of your shed so that you use it as much as possible, and for as long as possible! After all, a shed can be quite a sizeable investment but can produce terrific value for money if you use it in a smart way, ensuring that it will always be your companion if you are ever looking to do some garden jobs without the year.

Many people are guilty of not utilising the sheer storage opportunities that your shed offers. Is this you? If you think that you could make better use of your shed, then the experts at Solid Sheds have all the answers…

Shelves, Shelves and more shelves!

In any efficiently ran shed, then you are likely to see the walls filled with shelves that can house small items. And let’s face it, when dealing with items that are not normally found in the house, there can be some weird and wonderful pieces of smaller apparatus and machinery that is usually found in the shed.

Installing shelving in your shed makes it a lot easier to find those crucial items that are important for your next gardening project, without having to try to remember where you put them last!

Hooking up

Hooks and hangers are found in the home to store coats and other items of clothing, well why not make use of this handy technique in the shed too? After all, there is going to be many pieces of machinery that have long wires that could prove to be a trip hazard if not dealt with correctly.

What’s more, from a pure convenience point of view, hangers can be a great way of making your garden tasks that little more efficient. How many times have you been faced with the task of untangling wires before getting started on any meaningful work? With hangers and hooks to keep all of your wires neat and tidy, you no longer need to worry about wasting time.

Find a new use for household items

One of the great things about making more efficient storage in your shed is that it will change your entire mindset. That jam-jar you would’ve normally thrown away? Guess what, you can use that for screws or pins. Or what about that tube of pringles you had when watching a film at the weekend? That can be used to hold some garden tools. The possibilities are truly endless…

Having the ability to reuse your standard household items that would usually be thrown away allows you to save big on cost and storage space in your garden shed, so you are able to focus your time and investment on other aspects of your garden.

Place close attention to the space you have

All too often we see people use their shed as an area to simply throw in their items until the next time they use them, without any real care or thought as to how best to arrange them. This can lead to disregard to how much you can actually put in your wood shed. Often you see shed owners with a lack of items in their shed, as they are unable to fit anything else over the clutter they have created.

This can also prove a safety hazard, with many stray items or wires putting you at risk or tripping and injuring yourself. To eliminate this possibility, be sure to take the time to carefully arrange your items in a neat and controlled manner, maximising floor space so you can easily retrieve items when you need them.

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