How to make your garden shed more secure

How to make your garden shed more secure

How to make your garden shed more secure

Let’s face it, we have all been concerned about the security in our garden at some point… Could our fences be a little higher? Are the locks on our doors at a high enough standard? Is our garden well lit enough to expose potential criminals? These are all questions that have inevitably run through our head. And no doubt you’ve tried to make improvements in these areas. But what about your prized possession… your garden shed?

Garden sheds are a prime target for intruders. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you regularly keep on top of the security of your shed, to ensure that the contents inside are as protected as possible at all times. No one wants to be left thinking they could’ve done more in the unfortunate event of a break- n. As a result, let our experts in  wooden garden sheds give you some things to think about.

Out of sight, out of mind

Your shed will likely include a lot of expensive garden equipment that will appeal to those looking to break in. Or it may have an alternative use – and be used to store something more valuable than a lawnmower! Either way, if in plain sight, the contents of your shed may pique the interest of any potential burglars. We therefore recommend that you place your shed in an area that is disguised from view.

If you are looking for a new shed, perhaps keep it away from low fences or the main road, depending on where your house is positioned. Another good idea is to place your shed next to trees or bushes that automatically block it from view.

Do you have a strong alarm system in place?

As we well know, most break-ins happen when it is dark at night, and when most people are asleep in their houses. This is so thieves can quietly go about their business and dramatically decrease their chances of getting caught. With a high-quality alarm, however, all of their discrete intentions go out of the window, as they can quickly be found out.

Although it may cause your ears some discomfort at the time, it is useful to regularly test your alarm to hear if it is still up to scratch (just 0.5 seconds will do before you are deafened!). Alarms are a great way of not just alerting you, but your neighbours too, so the guilty party is left with nowhere to run without getting caught.

The final line of defence

So, the thief has managed to get past your lock systems and has gained entry into your shed. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they can access your belongings! Make sure that you use secure draws or heavy storage solutions that are hard to move and make a racket.

This smart way of storing your items will mean that often the intruder will be left empty-handed – and will give you peace of mind that your valuable items aren’t going anywhere any time soon…

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