What kind of garden shed is best for me?

What kind of garden shed is best for me?

What kind of garden shed is best for meAs you have probably seen just by browsing through the range of products on the Solid Sheds website, there is a garden shed out there for everyone. Sheds are made in a whole host of shapes and sizes, and for a variety of uses, so it can be easy to get lost in it all! This is why we at Solid Sheds thought we would provide some detailed information on a selection of our most popular shed types, and whether they could prove to be the perfect fit in your garden.

Pent shed

A pent shed is one of the most popular kinds of shed, and we are sure you may have owned one in the past or continue to do so now! Their slanted roof ensures that no water is collected upon the surface if and when it rains, leaving your shed roof able to stand the test of time with minimal risk to water damage and damp.

This kind of shed is usually used for storage, or for very minimal use. As we will come onto later, sheds are being rejuvenated into a social space more and more these days. But a pent shed is very one dimensional in that it is purely used as a storage facility for outdoor items.

Apex shed

Apex sheds are designed in a similar vein to their pent counterparts, with the main difference here being the shape of the roof. As a pent shed’s roof is slanted to one side, an apex shed, as the name suggests, has a roof that meets at a point in the middle. This is worth keeping in mind when deciding on the position of where you would like your shed to be. Potential water flow needs to be considered when thinking of owning an apex shed.

They are slightly less limited in use than pent sheds as they are usually larger in size. Apex sheds can be easily used as garden workshops or even as a larger storage space than a pent shed, the choice is down to you.

Garden office shed

Garden office sheds open the umbrella of potential uses further, as they are often converted into home offices, that are capable of providing a fantastic way of working from home. We have seen the sale of garden office sheds soar during the COVID-19 pandemic, as more and more people are starting to benefit from their use.

Their size gives them the potential to be transformed into a space that fits your needs best. You can add as much decoration as you wish to create an area that is inspiring and promotes productivity. Use your shed like never before with a garden office shed!

Wendy house

Turning your garden shed into a wooden Wendy house is a great way of giving the kids some fun for years to come, all from the comfort of your back garden! These kinds of shed come with well-made door and window designs, that won’t look out of place in even the most stylish of gardens.

The Wendy houses from Solid Sheds are built to order, so can be tailored exactly to your family’s requirements, depending on the size of your children etc.

Log storage shed

If you regularly burn log fires in your garden or need to have access to logs regularly, then the log storage sheds from Solid Sheds could be the perfect solution for you. This kind of shed helps you keep all of your logs organised like never before, so they keep your garden clean and tidy. No matter the size of the logs that you wish to store, we can design a shed that fits your requirements. Simply get in touch to find out more.

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Do you feel like any of these types of shed would be the perfect fit in your garden? If you do, then the experts at Solid Sheds are here to help. We can help you find a strong and durable solution that also looks stylish and sleek, so you can have a garden building that can last for many years to come!

To contact us, give us a call today on 01695 51442 or fill out our online enquiry form. You can also get in touch with your nearest branch if you feel this is most convenient for you.

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