The ground must be flat and level with no more than 4" (100mm) fall, bushes and obstacles must be removed. 

If you have any concerns about what is suitable a free site visit service is available.


A timber base frame manufactured using 100% pressure treated timber 4" x 2" with bracing in each corner. This is staked out and packing will be used as necessary.

Prices for popular sizes as follows:-

Measured in Feet 
3 x 2 £60 
3 x 3 £75 
4 x 4 £95 
6 x 4 £110 
5 x  7 £150 
6 x 8 £175 
10 x 6 £210 
10 x 8 £280 
12 x 8 £336 

As a rough guide, the charge is £3.50 per square foot on larger bases.

Please call or email us if you would like more information.

For Heavy Duty buildings, a concrete base is advised and where extensive groundworks are needed and an external contractor may be required. In many cases, we are able to refer you to a contractor who can complete this work for you. Please call us for advice or visit one of our branches for more information.