Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Our team will contact you to confirm that your order is correct and that you have read, understood and agree with Solid Sheds terms and conditions listed below.

The Customer is advised that it is their responsibility to ensure clear access to the intended building site and that the base will be solid, flat and level, of adequate size with enough room around to allow for the roof overhangs and treatment.

Please read the following terms and conditions and customer advice carefully. If you have any concerns or need help in any way please contact us, we are here to help.

Delivery Only

Delivery is to the front of the premises only and becomes your responsibility from then on.

Delivery and Erection

These buildings are delivered on our own vehicles and we will provide the manpower to unload and carry to the final site and erect.


Some of our panels can measure 10 x 8 feet in length and are very heavy. We must have clear access to the build area. Please advise us of any access difficulties i.e. overhead obstructions, cables or lintels, wall lights, walls, hedges, satellite dishes, brick archways etc…

Solid Sheds cannot be held responsible for any damage to any property, drives, vehicles, fixtures and fittings whilst delivering and erecting your building. If you have newly laid turf, flags or delicate plants then it is your responsibility to protect these areas. If we have to erect in mud, then you should expect mud on your building!

If we are unable to deliver your building due to inadequate access then we will leave the building flat packed at the front of your premises and 10% of the total order will be charged in the event of a recall.


It is essential that your building is erected on a solid, flat and level area and of an adequate size to accommodate the building footprint. Any unevenness will cause major problems during erection and affect the longevity of your building.

You will also need to allow a 12 inches (300 mm) space around the base to allow for roof overhangs and treatment.

If you have ordered a platform base from us, then please note that the price is subject to the ground being reasonably level and having no more than a 4 inches (100 mm) fall anywhere.

If you are going to prepare your own base please ask for further advice as this will depend on what type of building you have ordered as base sizes will vary.

If we are unable to deliver your building due to an inadequate base area then we will leave the building flat packed at your premises and 10% of the total order will be charged in the event of a recall.


Wind, rain and sunshine have free rein…

It is your responsibility to ensure your building is watertight.

Your building is already treated against wood rot and insect infestation.

If water penetration occurs or you just want that fabulous look then we recommend Protek Royal Exterior which can be purchased from us.

We can also provide Protek Stain Blocking Primer for the lighter colours in the Protek Royal Exterior range.

Please follow the instructions on the tin.

Please note that all timber buildings need some light DIY and maintenance to prolong their life.

Doors and windows will need adjusting as needed. Lubricate all door furniture on a regular basis.

Silicon seals will require replacement once perished. Gutters and splashbacks are recommended.

Ensure no trees or shrubbery are affecting the roof material.

Treatments should be applied as recommended by the manufacturer.

Planning Permission

It is your sole responsibility to check with the local planning authority regarding planning permission.

Solid Sheds Limited will not be held responsible for any issues regarding planning permission.

Solid Sheds General Terms and Conditions

1. Buildings are the property of Solid Sheds Limited until full payment is received.

2. A minimum of 20% deposit is taken at the point of sale and the outstanding balance is due 7 days before delivery.

3. If an order is cancelled once placed, then Solid Sheds reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee which is typically 10% of the total order.

4. Delivery dates and lead times are not an essence of this order, delivery dates given may change due to circumstances which are out of our control (even on the actual day of delivery).

5. Customer services will contact you 7-10 days before your delivery to carry out a pre-delivery check and to arrange collection of any outstanding balances.

6. Specifications will be adhered to as far as possible but Solid Sheds Limited reserves the right to make any product alterations which may be necessary or advantageous.

7. Solid Sheds Limited guarantee all our buildings and roof coverings for a full 12 months but will not be held responsible for damage or lifting of roofing materials due to adverse weather conditions. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR GUARANTEE IS NON-TRANSFERRABLE.

8. Damage caused by humans, animals or adverse weather does not fall under any guarantees.

9. Problems arising from self-laid bases, self-erected buildings, poor maintenance or the wrong maintenance materials (including inferior treatments) do not fall under any guarantees.

10. You must ensure you leave adequate ventilation to allow your building to dry out especially if your building is erected in damp inclement conditions (sounds like a typical British day!). Leave the doors and windows open on fair weather days to allow the interior to dry taking care on windy days. Do not use a heater as this may dry it out to quickly which may cause cracks and warping especially in the roof area.

Failure to ventilate your building will cause condensation on windows and ceilings which can be mistaken for leaks.

11. As timber is a natural product Solid Sheds cannot be held responsible for treated timber colour variations, cracks, shrinkage, knotholes, shakes or movements in your building.

12. It is your responsibility to ensure children are fully supervised whilst playing in, on or around Wendy houses.

13. All ex-display buildings are sold as seen. Although great care is taken whilst pulling down your ex-display building, you must be aware that some damage may occur and accept this as part and parcel of buying an ex-display building. The existing roofing felt will be used but we will provide a felt strip if needed.

14. All missing items must be reported to Solid Sheds within 24 hours.

15. Any issues with your building after the 12 month guarantee period will incur a call out charge that will be fully refundable in the event of your issue being a manufacturing/fitting fault.

16. We DO NOT offer a shed movement service.

17. In the unlikely event that your building doesn’t meet your expectations please email customer services on cs@solidsheds.com with photographic evidence.

18. In adverse weather conditions, it may not be possible to glue a rubber roof on the same day. We will endeavour to return to complete the works within a reasonable timescale weather permitting.

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