Roofing Materials

Roofing Materials

We have two options for roofing products, so although your building will arrive with Polyester granite mineral felt as standard you can also upgrade.

Polyester Granite Mineral felt

Provided as standard on all of our buildings, we at Solid Sheds are always on the lookout for new roofing technology. As a result we are now using a polyester system that we glue and nail at the seams. Polyester has proven to be resistant to tearing and generally lies flat, although sometimes rippling can occur.

Because of the nature of roofing felt, guarantees are virtually non-existant in this industry.

Solid Sheds will guarantee your roofing felt after we have erected, for a full three months if you are unlucky enough to encounter a problem.

We do not recommend roofing felt in coastal or areas at risk of high winds.

Lifetime Guaranteed Rubber Roof

• At last a roofing system with a lifetime that matches our buildings

• Fully glued system

• One piece roofing system

• No joins, no leaks

• Resistant to ozone, UV, low and high temperatures

• Elongates to over 300% to adjust for building movements

• Little or no maintenance

• Available as an upgrade fitted £3.50 per sq ft or £35 per sq m.

• Lifetime guarantee certificate issued

Although bubbles and rippling can sometimes occur the product remains guaranteed for life against leakage.

Strong builds, lasting results


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