I trust you are all well?

After the Prime Ministers statement on March 23rd, I took the decision to go into lockdown with immediate effect. I am convinced that we closed for the right reasons, to help save lives and protect the NHS at a time when the impact of the disease were still fairly unknown.

We are now returning to production as of May 11th and again I am convinced that we are doing this for the right reasons.

Firstly to protect all our livelihoods and everyone else who depends on Solid Sheds.

Secondly, I believe we all now know exactly how serious this disease is but also as importantly what social distancing really is (the supermarkets have trained us well).

Lastly, to protect the Government and the wider community. Solid Sheds didn’t get a grant (we fell through the cracks) and we didn’t take any of the Government-backed loans.

I did furlough all 55 members of the company and I’ll always be grateful to the Government for this measure that enabled all our people to at least get some money to see them over until our return. My feeling now is that there will be other industries that will need help for longer…

We have implemented a social distancing policy at all our places of work that include daily temperature checks, wall mounted hand sanitiser, personal hand sanitiser, face masks, floor markings and bio barriers.

We have identified “bottlenecks” within our factory such as the canteen and toilets and have implemented staggered breaks, as well as the removal of tables and chairs. Therefore, encouraging everyone to take their breaks outside.

Our delivery drivers have been instructed not to shake hands with customers, to take their rest/toilet breaks between delivery drops so as not to use our customer’s toilets, not to accept drinks and not to expect a signature for the delivered goods (they will take a photo of the shed in situ).

Finally, I would like to thank all our stakeholders because I truly believe we are all in this together and together we will all come through it. I would like to single some individuals for higher praise but I’ll save their blushes (you know who you are).

Stay Safe
Andy Hayes

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