What Size Of Shed Do I Need?


What Size Of Shed Do I Need.

What Size Of Shed Do I Need?

If you’re interested in purchasing a brand new shed for your garden or backyard, its size is one of the most vital things to consider right from the beginning. But how do you decide on the shed that will work best for your needs? The team at Solid Sheds, specialists in durable and long lasting outdoor structures, have created a simple checklist to help you figure it out.

  1. How Big is Your Garden?

This is the obvious first question to ask when deciding on the measurements of your new shed. Naturally, you’ll need to find a shed that fits within the boundaries of your land, but there’s more to it than that. You need to think about the types of activities that will take place in your garden; for example, if you like having barbecues, you’ll need enough space to do that without having the barbecue dangerously close to the shed, thereby risking setting it alight or damaging it. If you have children, will they have enough space to run around and play games? You’ll also need to think about the layout of the garden itself. Is it on multiple levels or are there areas of paving, gravel or grass that will dictate where your shed can go?

  1. What is the Shed For?

There are many reasons why you might wish to purchase a shed. If it’s for storing gardening tools and other bits and pieces, you may find that you only need a small one of around four feet by six feet. If you have a larger amount of equipment or any bulkier items – such as a larger lawnmower, a barbecue, garden furniture or anything else, a medium-sized shed of around eight feet by six feet would be ideal. If you wish to use your shed as more of a workshop or DIY den, then you can opt for large sheds, workshops or garden offices of up to ten feet by twenty feet in size to give you more space to move and to allow room for windows that will let in natural light.

  1. Do You Need to Save a Little More Space?

You shouldn’t think of a shed as just a simple, square structure. There are plenty of other designs that will help you to fit more into your garden. A corner shed, for example, fits perfectly against fences or walls and has angled sides that allow for a greater use of the space around it. You can still fit a large amount inside it, but it doesn’t encroach on areas that might otherwise be used for the leisure of yourself and your family. You can also select a shed featuring a sliding door so that you don’t need extra space to allow the door to swing open. You can also specify what you need in terms of height; an apex roofed shed has a pointed gable at either end, with one over the entrance, while a reverse apex features the roof sloping down towards the the door with the pointed gables at the sides. These are usually wider than they are long, while apex roofed sheds are longer than they are wide. You can also request a square shed in some designs.

Every type of shed or outdoor structure available from Solid Sheds – from animal sheds and garden summer houses to log stores and garden workshops – all come in a variety of sizes and with numerous attractive finishes that will match the design of your garden perfectly. The flexibility of each product available allows you to choose your ideal structure in the size that best fits the space you have, along with all of your specific needs.

Want to Find Out More?

If you’re interested in taking your first steps towards getting hold of a brand new shed for your garden, all you need to do is to get in touch with the team at Solid Sheds today on 01695 51442 or fill in the handy contact form that can be found here on their website. Their helpful and knowledgeable specialists will be more than happy to assist you in deciding exactly what you need. The company makes personalised products to fit your garden,  so you can rest assured that whatever you require, they can create it for you. You can also sign up to email updates informing you of new products and innovations, giving you access to exclusive offers and find out what Solid Sheds are up to at the moment.

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