Keeping your shed strong and durable throughout the year

Keeping your shed strong and durable throughout the year

Strong and durable shedPurchasing a new shed for your garden or facility should be an exciting time. It allows you to freshen up the look of the area in the vicinity or give you some much needed space to store your valuables or enjoy some leisure time. Whatever you intend to use your shed for, you want to make it last, right? Sheds can last for a generation if maintained properly, with some smart steps being taken to ensure it lasts even the most unpredictable of weather that we see in the UK.

With this in mind, we here at Solid Sheds thought we would take you through some considerations you may want to make to guarantee a durable, long lasting shed…

Strong foundations

As with any building, ensuring your shed is laid on strong foundations will make sure that it will be there to last. Flat foundations are the go-to here, so your shed will be placed securely with no hidden surprises underneath that could damage the flooring in the long term. There are many different kinds of foundations you can invest in if the land where you want to put your shed is uneven. This includes plastic, gravel, skid, decking and the most popular concrete foundations.

Laying your garden shed on flat, strong foundations allows it to stand securely for years to come, with no risk of it falling or collapsing due to uneven weight distribution.

Keep an eye on the temperature of your shed

When your shed is delivered, it will not have the same level of insulation that your house does. This means that the temperature inside will be very much affected by the conditions outside. Sheds can often become sweltering hot in the dead heat of summer and freezing cold during the winter months. As a result, providing no respite for the wood that has to deal with these hot and cold temperatures can dramatically reduce its lifespan. You should look to get your shed insulated to ensure a more balanced, consistent temperature that will not damage the condition of your wood via damp damage or warping.

This means you can continue to enjoy lounging outside in the summer and cosying up in the winter in your shed, while it is still in premium condition.

Give it a coat of paint

Many people prefer the “natural” look of a bare shed that shows off the colour of the wood it was built with. However, this can prove harmful to the condition of the wood in the future. By deciding on a durable coat of paint the add to your shed, you are not only potentially enhancing its look by fitting in with the colour scheme of your garden, whilst saving it from damage. The extra layer of thick paint will be able to act as a buffer to any potential water damage that the rain could cause the exposed wood.

You will be able to reap the benefits of your shed for longer whilst enjoying a building that is on theme with your garden, a win-win in our eyes!

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