Getting your shed ready for Christmas

Getting your shed ready for Christmas

Getting your shed ready for Christmas

After the year we’ve had, the Christmas season can’t come soon enough. So, now that it’s here, have you done all your preparation? Although very important, we’re not talking about Christmas shopping for your nearest and dearest, getting treats ready to leave for Santa on Christmas Eve, or kitting out your home with decorations. We’re talking about giving some love to your garden shed…

More and more these days, people are turning their sheds into areas to kick back and relax, or an area to work out or work hard. The renovation of normal wooden sheds into garden office sheds, pub sheds and more means they should be given the same love and attention as the home.

So with that in mind, let’s give you some last minute changes you can make to your shed to get it in the Christmas spirit.

Give it a thorough clean

We’re sure that you have given the whole house the once over before the big day, but have you put the same amount of effort into your shed? Of course, the days of a shed existing purely for storage purposes are long gone, and with their growing list of uses comes a greater urge to keep them clean and presentable for yourself (and visitors!).

So if you are planning to use your shed over Christmas time, why not give it a quick clean via hoovering, scrubbing or just a general look around to see if anything has been misplaced. We guarantee that it won’t take as long as your whole house to achieve a clean shed you can be happy with, so why not take some time making it look as pristine as the rest of your home?

Give it a Christmas tree!

Who doesn’t love a Christmas tree? We’re sure people are putting them up earlier and earlier as the years go on, and who can blame them! We know that you have one in your house already, but does the same apply for your garden sheds? Often a much smaller Christmas tree can suffice here – not only saving you money, but giving just as much of the desired effect.

You could embrace the nature theme of your garden by picking up a real tree, or an artificial one could look great in the corner of the room, the choice is yours!

Add some Christmas lights

Some subtle Christmas lights can make all the difference in your shed, so we strongly recommend implementing some in your wooden Wendy house or standard shed to give it that cosy feel that you crave in the cold winter months.

We’re not saying you have to go the whole hogg and get out your biggest and best collection of sleigh and reindeer – we’re sure you have them in the front already – draping some twinkly fairy lights should do the trick.

Get cosied up

One last adjustment you can make to turn your garden shed into a cosy retreat this Christmas is to ensure that you are all warm and wrapped up when inside! We’re sure you have already insulated your shed to keep out the cold, but if you haven’t, be sure to read our blog post on how to do so.

Some other easy adjustments you can make is to keep well stocked on blankets, slippers and other thick clothing to wear if you use your shed as a guest bedroom or garden cinema. This way you can firmly keep out the cold and enjoy the cosy warmth of your shed for as long as you desire.

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