Keep Your Garden Fresh All Year Long with Solid Sheds

Keep Your Garden Fresh All Year Long with Solid Sheds

Keep your garden fresh all year long with Solid Shed designs1
It can be easy to discard the natural beauty that you can achieve with a well designed and well maintained garden during the winter. This is understandable as the cold whether sets in, as most would rather be round the fire watching TV rather than out in the garden! However, if you are keen to have pride in your garden then a shed from Solid Sheds could be just what you need.

Inspiration for your perfect garden shed can be hard to find. But at Solid Sheds, we’re here to help. We’ve pulled together our favourite wooden garden buildings and their settings and want to give you ideas as to how you can incorporate this into your garden or adapt it to suit exactly what you’re looking for.

Our Garden Shed Designs

In our first design, we can see that this apex garden shed is situated towards the centre of the garden with a terrace for seating. This blue colour gives a flavour of the bright blue skies that you will be sure to embrace during the summer months but can also brighten up a drab winter day.  This can be implemented into your garden as a space to use as an office to work in to provide you with maximum inspiration and comfort, or as a guest house for any potential visitors. The terracing outside this luxury garden shed gives an opportunity for socialising in the company of your spectacular garden growth.

Our second garden design perfectly incorporates a smaller garden mini store that can keep all of your garden tools organised and secure whilst also adding a tidiness to the garden. As you can see in the image, this mini store is nicely tucked away in the corner of the garden. This means that you can keep this shed understated if you want the greenery of your garden to shine through. However, if you would like to make this tool store stand out more during the dreary winter months, you can paint this any shade you require to complement your fencing. Overall, this makes the garden mini store an attractive (and functional!) element to your garden.

The final design on our list perfectly incorporates the concept of a garden office shed. These can be useful in being a spacious alternative than an office inside your home, and free up a room in the house that could be needed if space is limited! Complete with decking and terracing for a social space, garden office sheds from Solid Sheds can be installed in a variety of sizes to fit the requirements of your garden and can be finished with a colour of paint that can fit the ideal colour scheme of your backdoor space. By installing a garden office, you can keep the garden useable for all four seasons of the year, by using an office for relaxation or study whilst gazing out of the window to see a wonderful garden design.

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