Choosing the right garden building

Choosing the right garden building

Choosing the right garden shed, Summerhouse or Garden room involves considering several important aspects to ensure that it meets your needs and preferences. Here are the main aspects to look at before purchasing a garden shed:

Size and Space:

Determine the available space in your garden and the shed size you require to accommodate your storage needs. Consider the building’s dimensions, height, and layout to ensure it fits comfortably in your garden without obstructing other features.
We recommend leaving at least 12 inches all the way round the building. This is to provide access for painting and maintenance. As well as the roof overhang.

Purpose and Functionality:

Define the primary purpose of the building. Are you using it for storage, as a workshop, or as a garden office? Understanding its intended use will help you select the right type and features that align with your needs.

All our Premium Garden rooms already come fully insulated, internal cladding, electrics package (lights and sockets). As well as double glazed doors and windows for year round use.

We have shelves and workbenches ideal for maximising storage in sheds and workshops. As well as double doors, security windows, thicker cladding, security eyelets – giving you all the options to design your ideal storage building.

Summerhouses are easily customisable with multiple window and door choices. Or simply change the position of the windows to maximise the view over your garden.

Ventilation and Light:

Adequate ventilation and natural light are essential for the shed’s interior. Consider opening windows and air vents that allow air circulation and sunlight to maintain a fresh and well-lit environment.

All our buildings can be upgraded to include opening windows. However, many in our range come with them as standard such as the Studio Summerhouse and all Premium Range Garden Rooms.


Consider the security features of the shed, especially if you plan to store valuable equipment such as bicycles and tools. Consider our options such as security eyelets mounted through the floor. Narrow security windows allowing light but restricting access. Or simply have no windows at all.

Bicycles for example are now very expensive and fitting a shed alarm should be a priority.

For a list of the top ten Shed Alarms please visit Best Product reviews – 10 Best Alarms For Sheds In The UK

Assembly and Installation:

Lots of Sheds sold in the UK are now simply delivered to your door and it’s up to the customer to construct it themselves. This can often be very time consuming and difficult if you have never completed a project like this before.

All Solid sheds buildings come with delivery and installation included so no need for Power tools, instruction books and packets of screws and fixings. Our own team of fitters will arrive on the day, unload your building and install it at no extra cost.

Still have an old shed in place? We have the solution for that as well. Our shed removal service includes dismantling your old shed or summerhouse and removing it from your property.

Taking these aspects into account will help you make an informed decision and choose a garden shed that suits your requirements, complements your garden’s aesthetics, and provides a practical and functional addition to your outdoor space.

Why not call in to one of the Solid Sheds Show Sites and speak to a building advisor. They will go through all the options and sizes available. Plus we have a full display of sheds, summerhouse, workshops, potting sheds and garden rooms, so you can see everything in person. Show Sites are open 7 days a week.

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