How to care for your garden shed in summer

How to care for your garden shed in summer

How to care for your garden shed in summer

Summer is the time where we can all relax in our gardens in the warm weather, and enjoy activities outdoors that we’re simply unable to in the winter. Of course, your garden is the most accessible area to lap up the sunshine, warmth, and inevitable smiles that come with it. But do you often think about your garden shed when the temperatures start to climb? As much as it has to cope with the harsh winter conditions, it also has to withstand long periods of sunshine during summer, and – given the unpredictable British climate – the occasional downpour too!

With this in mind, the team at Solid Sheds are here to give you some pointers as to how you can keep your shed looking and performing at its best over the summer months.

Give it a fresh lick of paint

In order to see your shed excel all year round, you should look to capitalise on the longer periods of dry weather to give it the maintenance it needs. Of course, painting in the rain is a recipe for disaster, but if you leave it until it’s sunny out, not only will your paint show up effectively but it will also dry much quicker too.

The hard work you put in by painting will ultimately pay off when you can relax in a garden you can be proud of! To have the job completed twice as quickly, you could enlist the help of a family member or friend, and enjoy your breaks outside soaking up the warm weather as you continue to paint your wood shed.

Use the weather to give it a thorough cleanout

Let’s be honest, cleaning out your garden shed in the wintertime is an unenviable task. Combine the cold and wet weather with the sheer scale of the job, it’s understandable why many put it off until the summer. Well, guess what? Summer is here! So before you spend most of it out in the sunshine, why not first complete that task you promised yourself you’d do?

You are afforded the luxury of placing the items in your shed on the dry ground outside, so you don’t have to walk back and forth to the house half as much! Here you can use a spacious area to organise what can be kept and what needs throwing out. You can also air out your shed knowing that it will remain dry for an extended period.

It ain’t all sunshine and rainbows!

As UK residents well know, summer can prove to be one of the most unpredictable seasons of the year in terms of climate. An extended period of dry weather is usually met with rainfall soon after. With this in mind, you should regularly check your shed for any damage as a result of wet weather, just like you would with the sun.

As sheds are constantly exposed to the elements, the wooden material can suffer from damp and rot if not maintained properly. Similarly, wood can also warp and expand in hot weather if it isn’t of the highest quality.

Regularly performing routine checks on your garden shed will not only give you the peace of mind that your shed is safe and performing at its best, but can also allow you to spot faults and issues as soon as they appear.

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