4 more creative uses for your garden office shed

4 more creative uses for your garden office shed

4 more creative uses for your garden office shed

As winter approaches, and lockdown unfortunately shows no signs of slowing down, you may be forgiven for wanting an additional space to enjoy your time at home. After all, you might be finally getting bored around the house, and freshening up your garden could be the perfect way of remedying this. We have already provided you with 6 uses for a garden office shed, but we thought we would give you 4 more, so you have ample choice as to how you can creatively use your garden building to your advantage.

Are you ready to hear them?

A kids’ play area

If you have young children, then why not incorporate some imagination into your garden shed and turn it into a play area that can help keep them entertained over this extended period at home. Based on their age and interests, you can decorate the walls with their favourite Marvel superheroes or Disney princesses, and set up a selection of themed toys and games to ensure they will never want to leave! Having their own dedicated space will help promote a sense of independence and a much-needed change of scenery if limited to the grounds of their home (as well as giving you a minute to yourself!).

A pet palace

If you are an animal lover or would just like an area to provide some fun for your pet, then converting your garden office shed into a place for them to enjoy themselves could be a great project to work on. Whether you own a cat, dog, or any other kind of exotic animal, you can buy all of the toys and equipment needed to make sure that they have a perfect time! It is common knowledge that giving our pets love and attention cheers us up, and in these times of hardship it could be the perfect morale booster for the whole family.


If you are the creative kind or a fan of DIY, then we are sure the thought of converting your garden shed into a workshop has crossed your mind at some point. They are the perfect place to get stuck into a new project. Quiet, peaceful, with lots of space for your materials. This is especially true with the current circumstances, giving you a reason to be proactive and accomplish something you can be proud of.

A place for cooking

Perhaps a little left field, but why not? We have seen some garden office sheds converted into a kitchen, that can extend into your garden. These are perfect for social gatherings (hopefully sooner rather than later, guidelines permitting) and BBQs that can last long into the summer nights.

If you are a keen cooker or baker, this could be the perfect retreat to create some signature dishes. Incorporate a seating area into this and you have yourself your own family restaurant without having to leave your home!

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