Cladding & Insulation

We can transform your building into another room. Bedroom, office, this has endless possibilities.

Sectional buildings which have a 3” x 2” heavy framework and lined with vapour barrier membrane will be insulated with rockwool and cladded with pine match board, giving a wall thickness of 4”.

Larger buildings that are manufactured with 4'' x 2'' framework will give a wall thickness of 5''.

All floors will be insulated with foil insulation. This keeps your building cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter!!

All this is done by our fully qualified Solid Sheds cladding team.

With 100% pressure treated timber and fantastic build quality, we pride ourselves on these buildings being eco friendly, lasting five times as long as other major competitors.

Cladding & Insulation

Price is only £15.00* per Square Foot

We have buildings on sites that are 30 years old!! What value for money!!

* Included as standard on Premium Range buildings

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